Strategic Forecasting: Puerto Providencia

Collaborated with_Brittany Boyd

Exhibited at LA 2 by 8, Los Angeles Architecture & Design Museum

PUERTO PROVIDENCIA is a strategic forecast for a new settlement in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Like other rural development projects located at logistic corridors, the land of Providencia is speculated by private industries, landowners, indigenous communities and municipalities with competing interests. Safely assuming that no development schemes will let all stakeholders win, it was realized that perpetual competition–suppressing one bad tendency using its counterparts–is the most viable approach to prevent extreme situations from taking over the virgin forest. By tactically laying down territorial limits, logistical axis and no-build zones, the project sets up a “gaming ground” for Providencia’s influx of cargos, tourists, mix of citizens and farms. The project realistically engage with Amazon’s second nature–like everything in the wild, human development is bound to go through perpetual cycles of booms and busts.

Providencia 1 fordlandia cautionary tale

tendencies of city development

Proviendcia S2 (1)Housing Tile

city scenario 1

city scenario 2

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