Behavioral Study: Material Simulation

This project is in pursuit of rigorously modular but wild order.
Each module is folded from a plane of identical size, different diagonals and cut lines give rise to a set of 12 individually oriented units.They are rigid and crystal-like, yet display a completely disordered manner, like a liquid. The orientation in which the friction joints operate is the only restriction on the continuation of the sequence.
The set is classified into three categories, according to how they tend to orient the sequence as it grows. And a site of 18”x18”18”, divided into regions that restrict the choice between categories is put into play and 12 “shoots” sprout from the flat soil in which the “seeds” emerge. Within each category, a module is picked according to a certain probability, when a sequence hits the boundary walls or one another, a module from another category is picked and it mutates. The shoots grow, entangle and wilt. The aggregation thus becomes particular in all senses under the field condition induced, and the system defies a pre-figured or stabilized result.
It can not be more ordered, nor chaotic.